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Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the over 120 medicinal compounds obtained from hemp. These compounds are technically known as cannabinoids or phytocannabinoids.  

Numerous scientific studies and clinical trials have shown that cannabidiol may provide several health benefits. CBD oil is mainly touted for its analgesic, anxiolytic, and anti-inflammatory effects. The compound also boasts antiemetic and antispasmodic abilities.  

Thanks to its numerous medicinal properties, cannabidiol is pretty popular in the health industry. Also, the substance has since found its way into various other sectors, including the sports & fitness industry, travel & leisure, beauty, and skincare industry, to mention but a few.  

Today, it’s not unusual to come across different kinds of CBD-enriched cosmetic goods, ranging from hair shampoos, hair conditioners, scalp oils, etc. In this post, we look at cannabidiol’s health benefits for hair and how to add the compound to your hair care routine. 


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Health Benefits of CBD for Your Hair CBD Can Promote Hair Growth 

Long, luscious hair is every woman’s pride. Unfortunately, millions of women worldwide struggle with stunted hair growth or receding hairlines.  

Slow hair growth is usually a side effect of poor nutrition and chemical imbalance in the body. The condition may also be genetic. In some cases, it could result from certain medical conditions like dandruff or medical treatments like chemotherapy.  

If you’re worried that you’re losing more hair than the amount growing back, you might consider cannabidiol-enriched hair care products.  

CBD is rich in omega fatty acids known to seal moisture in the hair, thereby nourishing the cuticles. This mechanism has been shown to accelerate hair growth.  

Another way cannabidiol may promote hair growth is by improving blood circulation. CBD can act as vasodilators, expanding narrowed blood vessels. Increased blood flow to the area around your scalp helps in nourishing hair follicles, thereby enhancing hair growth. CBD products from established suppliers like can benefit your hair health. 

CBD May Encourage Hydration 

Chronic skin dryness and uncontrolled moisture loss are among the most commonly reported dermatological concerns. Skin dryness is generally manageable using a raft of lifestyle measures, including upping your daily water intake.  

Studies have shown that CBD may also encourage skin and hair hydration. Massaging your scalp with CBD-infused cosmetic products may help to soothe dryness.  

However, note that cannabidiol shouldn’t serve as a replacement for water intake. It’s still paramount that you consume the recommended daily volume of water to keep your skin and hair fully hydrated. 


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CBD May Reduce the Effects of Harmful Chemicals 

Most hair care products often contain various chemical additives. Examples include preservatives and penetration enhancers.  

While these chemicals serve essential purposes in cosmetic products, they can pose long-term health risks to your hair and scalp.  

We’ve already highlighted cannabidiol’s vasodilatory properties. Not only does increasing blood circulation nourish your hair follicles. It could also help to detoxify your hair of potentially harmful chemical deposits and dust particles.  

CBD Can Treats Scalp Conditions 

Everyone experiences irritation on their scalp from time to time. The irritation might trigger a compulsive need to scratch the affected areas, resulting in patches on the scalp.  

The scratched areas on the scalp could offer a breeding ground for disease-causing microorganisms.  

Cannabidiol is a potent anti-inflammatory drug. The compound may soothe pain and inflammation resulting from physical injury or medical conditions like eczema when applied to the scalp.  


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Adding CBD to Your Hair Care Routine 

There are multiple ways to add cannabidiol to your hair care regime.  

First off, you’ll need to select your preferred CBD-infused cosmetic product. Common CBD-based hair care goods include CBD shampoos, CBD scalp moisturizers, CBD hair conditioner, and CBD hair masks.  

You can easily prepare these products at home or opt for industrially-manufactured CBD goods.  

Buying Industrially-prepared CBD-infused Hair Care Products 

There are several measures to take while shopping for cannabidiol-based cosmetic goods.  

For starters, remember to purchase these products from reputable suppliers. Reputable suppliers are ideally those who’ve been around for at least five years and whose products enjoy favorable reviews from past customers.  

Another best practice is prioritizing CBD-enriched hair care products formulated with cannabidiol obtained by the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Extraction Method. According to cannabis experts, CBD obtained by the COmethod contains fewer impurities than extracted by other means, such as using petroleum-based solvents like butane.  

Lastly, insist on CBD-based cosmetic products with lab-testing reports from independent laboratories. These reports will help you understand the potency of CBD in the cosmetic good and the concentration of any chemical additives in the product. 

Preparing CBD-infused Hair Products At Home 

If preparing CBD hair care formulations at home, you’ll need to find the best CBD product to use as the primary ingredient. The best product here would be CBD oil.  

CBD oil contains natural essential oils like coconut oil and olive oil, which enhance cannabidiol penetration into your hair.  

After purchasing CBD oil, the next step is adding the oil to your regular shampoo, hair mask, or other preferred hair care products. You might even apply cannabidiol oil directly on your scalp to enjoy its hair care benefits. 


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Cannabidiol provides numerous health benefits for your hair. The compound is also straightforward to add to your hair care regime.  

However, it’s worth emphasizing that CBD is highly effective at low doses and counterproductive at high doses. Therefore, it’s important to exercise moderation while using CBD for hair care or other purposes.  


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