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Pakistani weddings are a feast of music and food as well as colourful wedding dresses. When we consider Pakistani wedding dresses. It is an extremely challenging job for women to decide what to wear for the wedding ceremony in the near future. There are a wide variety in Pakistani wedding dresses for women at Libas e jamila . Typically silk, chiffon and organza are popular fabric of the moment, but we all know that every wedding season is a new season of fashions and styles of dressing.

No matter if you're an upcoming bride cousin, sister or wedding guest, it is important to be on the cutting edge or wear Asian wedding clothes to look more attractive during the wedding ceremony. It's like a test for ladies to appear prettier at the wedding reception than the one before and for every expense. It is essential to meet their goals. 

Pakistani wedding Dresses

Maysoori Silk 3PC Dress With Gotta Work Net Dupatta

Pakistani net dupattas are extremely sought-after during the wedding season. In the past year, a wide array of designer dupattas was available being sold online in local stores. Libas e jamila offer a variety of colourful decorative dupattas with embroidered designs and people responded positively to the fact that they were available. These fancy dupattas are produced locally and feature beautiful designs. The fabric is soft and luxurious.

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Net dupattas together with blouse made of silk and Maysoori are beautiful. The shirt is adorned with tilla design on its front, and the back. The mix of maroon kameez and net golden dupattas is stunning. Net dupatta has floral gotta pattern. The trouser is simple and adds a touch of elegance to the appearance of a woman in this dress.

3PC embroidered Silk Dress with Indian Chunri Dupatta

Silk is one of the most frequently used fabrics on weddings. It's smooth, shiny and comfortable in the winter time. This dress is made of the best grade of silk, called Shamoz Silk which can also be worn during the summer months. The shirt of this dress features an amazing sequence and tilla work embroidery. The design of the tilla work and sequence embroidery is the main beauty of this dress. The gorgeous embroidery design looks lovely. The dress is adorned with an Indian Chunri dupatta. It is enough on its own to draw your attention for a long time. Indian dupatta never disappoints. They are charming and have a traditional touches. The embroidered 4-sided dupatta with Chunri style should be on your list of outfits for your wedding or party. 

3PC Chiffon Wedding Dress

Chiffon fabric is commonly utilized for dresses that are fancy at weddings and other parties. In the summer months there are a lot of Chiffon-coloured dresses on social media platforms, mainly by various clothing retailers on the internet. We also unveiled our Chiffon collection, which is more appealing and attractive than the previous. Every design is stunning and extravagant. The fabric is soft and of top quality. The embroidery work on every image reveals the beauty of the artist's work. Each design delights the senses. Amber Gold is among the most sought-after items of the Chiffon collection. It is embroidered on the front and sleeves as well as the back. 

Precious Green 3PC Chiffon Dress

Another piece of chiffon is awe-inspiringly charming. The pastel-coloured green shirt has beautiful embroidery on the neckline as well as Ghera. The embroidery on daman is stunning. The hand embellishments on the front make the shirt awe-inspiring. The sleeves are chiffon fabric with embroidery. The dupatta is nearly fully two side embroidery borders. The plain Russian grip trouser gives a modest accent to this dress. It's one of the most beautiful Pakistani wedding dress

Grey Comfort 3PC Chiffon Dress

Each assortment of online Pakistani wedding dresses is create with fashions in the forefront of our minds. Grey comfort is the best illustration of this. Light grey and pastel pink hues makes this dress stand out from other styles. This dress features a light grey shirt as well as a trouser that is pair with a lighter pink dupatta. The front is embroidery in pink, set with a light grey background which gives a stunning style. Ghera of the dress isn't so heavy embroidery, but the embroidery in pink on a grey ground takes the dress to the next level. The dupatta has two borders that are with embroidered borders.

3PC Chiffon Dress with Maysoori Trouser

Maysoori trousers paired with Chiffon shirts are an appealing set. The one feature here is an embroidery chiffon top and a dupatta that is pair with maysoori trouser. The shirt is decorat with tilla embroideries on its front, and the dupatta has sequence work. The plain maysoori trouser with off-white makes this look an intriguing one. The dress comes made of two colours, sky blue and orange. It is an inexpensive dress that you can wear to the wedding and party season. 

Crimson Shine 3PC Chiffon Dress

If you are looking for a classy dress, but you want a moderate or less vibrant colour. The crimson shine is the ideal choice for you. It provides you with a sophisticated appearance, but is in a decent colours. The pastel sea-green colour is simple and elegant. It's an entire made-to-measure dress with the ghera, which is heavily embroidered. The front of the shirt isn't very embroidered and it is a more simple style.


If you're in search of dresses for Pakistani wedding. Libas e jamila offers the above dresses the chance to look stunning for your wedding celebration. We've got you the long gowns that are gorgeous and affordable for all. It's the time to enhance your look. We have a vast selection in Pakistani wedding dress.

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