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I think it's safe to say that many Canadians are now crazy about vaping CBD. Vaping itself has been popular since many years ago, but back then, people were vaping nicotine. And now with the popularity of CBD and the advancement of vaping technology, Canadians can vape CBD easily. If you're interested in vaping CBD, the first important step to take is to choose the best CBD vape pen.

If you have never tried vaping before, you must be wondering how many vape pens there are on the market. Well, there are so many options available when it comes to vape pens in Canada. So if you want to have the best experience with CBD vapes, you should at least know about some of the most popular types of vape pens. And even better, here are some important things to consider before buying a CBD vape pen.

Future maintenance

Don't forget that vape pens also need to be maintained if you want yours to be functional for as long as possible. I know that some Canadians are too lazy to do some basic maintenance, but this could potentially shorten the lifespan of vape pens. So if you're willing to make a significant initial investment in a high-quality vape pen, you should be prepared to do some basic maintenance as well.

Vaping products need to be kept clean. You can keep your vape pen clean by loosening the cartridge first and doing some deep cleaning. Then, don't forget to wipe the outside as well. If you can do maintenance regularly, you can get the best vaping experience possible.

Types of vape pens

cbd vape pen

There are several different types of vape pens on the market. Some may have the ability to handle more than one type of product. However, it may be easier for you to find a vape pen that is designed to handle only one type of product. Here are some examples of some of the most popular types of vape pens you can find in Canada.

  • Cartridge pens. These devices can be refilled and replaced for more convenience. When you’re using these devices, you can replace the tank if you want to do so. This allows you to skip measuring your CBD vape juice. It is just so much simpler to just replace the cartridge and start vaping. The downside is that most cartridges are more expensive than refilling a tank. 
  • Dry herb vape pens. Some CBD enthusiasts consider this type of vape pen to be the classic. This kind of device could be perfect if you don't want to use oils or juices. To use a dry herb vape pen, you need to put your ground herb into the tank. Then, the atomizer will heat up the herb until it becomes vapor. 
  • Dab/wax vape pens. Sometimes, vaping herbs, oils, or juices aren’t enough. If you’ve dabbled with CBD concentrates before, you may want to try dab/wax vape pens. These devices can be tricky to use, but the convenience to use your concentrates on the go is not something to be underestimated. Depending on the device you have, it could be very efficient at vaporizing your material, leaving little to no waste.

Be mindful of other people

While the benefits of vaping may exceed the risks, you should always be mindful of other people when surrounding. No matter whether you’re vaping CBD or nicotine, not everyone will like the fact that there is vapor floating around. You have to accept the fact that you cannot smoke anywhere and anytime you want. A lot of people may also be allergic to vaping fumes as well. After taking this into consideration, you should be able to choose the right vape pen for you. Preferably, something that is easy to use and can be used without bothering other people.


Not all vape pens are made equal; some are simply better than others. Some vape pens come with advanced features, such as precise temperature controls, the ability to vaporize CBD concentrates really well, easy cleaning, and more. Of course, you should also consider your budget before buying. So the key here is to find the balance between your budget and the set of features you're going to get from a vape pen.


Choosing the right CBD vape pen for you can be very enjoyable. You get to learn all the different types of vape pens and hunting for the best vape pen for your budget. After you get the best vape pen you can find, the next step would be choosing CBD vape juice. That too can be very enjoyable and exciting.

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