$100.00 USD

***This is a discontinued limited edition Magnum and is replaced with the Magnum 2 ***

Dry Herbal Vaporizer Pen Magnum (Release 2013), is the new sleek and crafty design of this Pen-style dry herb vaporizer that truly produce supreme quality vapor. The Magnum Pen oven is made of 100% ceramic with the out layer of heat absorbing premium rubber that feels right when contact with skin. The Magnum Pen heating element does not have a heating coil like other pens do and combust upon contact with herb. The Magnum Pen has a built-in computerized heating module and air circulation with 10 rotational temperature settings from 310 to 420 degrees with the design of an telescope to each different settings from low to high on the bottom. The battery was also perfected to last 15 sessions 5 minutes per session on a single fully charged.



Long lasting 15 session rechargeable lithium Ion battery.

10 Temperature settings.

100% Full ceramic heating oven with computerized heating module.

Premium grade rubber out layer.

USB charger port.

Puri5 computerized heating module.

Brush, dabber, user’s manual.

Size: 150mm*25mm.

Temperature from 310F to 420F

Original LG 2600mAh Lithium Ion rechargeable battery.

Battery voltage 3.7V.