dry herbal vaporizer pen
portable herbal vaporizer pen

Dry Herb Vaporizer TITAN Return *DISCONTINUED*

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***DISCONTINUED*** The TITAN product line has been discontinued***

The TITAN RETURN 2014 Limited Edition dry herb vaporizer is the replacement for the discontinued original infamous TITAN product line. The Titan Return’s upgraded features are noticeable from the original 2016 LG 2200mAh long battery life, stability, mass airflow with circulatory air, 100% ceramic oven, heating up speed, OLED digital display, precise temperature control from 350-430 degree can be set to each desired degree, new sleek design for portability and the TITAN Return produce the exceptional vapor flavor of its own for your dry herb loose leaf vaping experience. The TITAN product line is one of the top choices for as a gift or vape collection. 



OLED LED Display

Upgraded ceramic oven

Mass airflow module

Digital temperature settings to each precised degree from 350-430

2016 original LG 2200mAh Lithium battery (about 20 sessions )

3 Minutes auto OFF

Fast heat up speed module and stability



Titan Return Vaporizer

Gift Box

Grinder Card

Packing Tool

Additional Mouthpiece (2)

Cleaning Brush

3 Nozzle Covers

5 Meshes/Screens

Wall Charger

Micro USB Charger Cable



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portable herbal vaporizer pen
herbal vaporizer pen
herbal vaporizer pen