AVIATOR *Discontinued* - PURI5
AVIATOR *Discontinued* - PURI5

AVIATOR *Discontinued*

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The Aviator digital dry herb vaporizer is one of its kind. It has a complete hollow chamber that's design to load a rolled joint on the go. This ultra portable design is meant to be discreet, but yet powerful. Auto piloting has 3 temperature settings with LED display of temperature and battery level. The additional glass mouthpiece has been added to extent the purity of vapor flavor. The legendary Aviator has been discontinued and replaced with the Aviator 2.


Additional Glass Mouthpiece added

Portable pure metal design,
Self-cooling mouthpiece
Completely hollow chamber, easy to clean and fill
LED battery Level and temperature indicator,you can setting 370°F/410°F/450°F
Fit for: loose leaf tobacco, dry herbs
Enjoy nicotine from natural tobacco, No tar, no ash, no fire, no second smoke, no combustion, clean vapor.
Large oven for maximum capacity about 800mg loose leaf/dry herb.
Large capacity rechargeable premium Lithium-ion battery with IEC62133 Certification. 1800mAh EVE Energy Lithium-ion Battery.
Press 5 Times to power ON.
Sleek design and discreet.
Heat up time: 30seconds
Material: Aluminum
Precise temperature control system
Included items: One (1) 1,000 (mAh EVE energy) Li-ION battery, one (1) USB charger, one (1) spare screen, one (1) cleaning brush
Color: Black
Dimensions: 5.27 inches long x 6.25 inches wide x 1.52 inches deep
Weight: 5 ounces

Release Date: November 25, 2013




AVIATOR *Discontinued* - PURI5
AVIATOR *Discontinued* - PURI5
AVIATOR *Discontinued* - PURI5
AVIATOR *Discontinued* - PURI5
AVIATOR *Discontinued* - PURI5