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Déjà Vu

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Dry herb & wax vaporizer with glass water bubbler attachment.

The Déjà Vu dry herb & wax vaporizer is the breakthrough in vapor technology of the features that had been only imagined years ago. A true water filtration portable herbal vaporizer that produce smooth vapor from the ceramic oven and can able to pass the vapor cloud through the removable water bubbler for a different fresh flavour of vapor, with the removable Li-ion rechargeable battery and all the functionalities that we had once dreamed of, a dry herb vape that's capable of fully customize the way you vape, and now is happening, the Déjà Vu.



  • For dry herb & concentrates
  • Leader in heating up speed (10 seconds)
  • Computerized Vaping-Mode (slow/normal/fast)
  • Adjustable vaping time 3-9 mins
  • Standalone stainless steel air path
  • Ceramic heating chamber & glass mouthpiece
  • Anodized aluminum & chrome plates body
  • Adjustable digital temperature from 320F-439F
  • Last Setting Memory function
  • Water Bubbler filtration ( contain more water with higher performance)
  • Oled display & computerized module
  • Removable Li-ion rechargeable battery (Japan 18650B battery)
  • Size:  98mm* 35mm* 28mm
  •  Battery capacity:  3400mAh 
  •  Charging current:  1A
  •  Screen:  0.69”OLED
  •  Weight: 360g

Package Included:

  • Deja Vu Vaporizer
  • Water Bubbler (version 1)
  • New Version 3 Glass Mouthpiece( borosilicate glass)
  • Wax & Oil Cup
  • Manual
  • Brush
  • Dabber
  • USB Cable
  • 3400mAh Japan Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Oven filter
  • Mouthpiece Filter
  • Gift box 

*remove the safety protection sticker from the battery*

*it requires 8+ hours to fully charge the battery for the initial charge*

*please note we're the only authentic original brand for this model in North America*

Original patent


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