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Our best-selling Magnum-3 won the hearts and minds of vaporizer fans with its smooth and flavorful draws, cloud production and its overall performance. We’ve brought the vape enthusiast’s dream to life with our new Magnum-4, and setting a new level of quality standards.


The Magnum 4’s New Features

While the Magnum line is well-known of its superb performance for dry herbs. Today, the Magnum-4 also has an answer to the dabbing rigs market. The Magnum-4's open breathe-through chamber leads the direct convection hot air to permeates through the concentrates, versus dab rigs using hot surface as heating element. Air heating conserves more concentrates and maximizing the flavor of the strain's origin. Never have to replace the atomizer or the coil because there's none.


Take a hold and grip of the sleek, pen-style body and feel the quality instantly.


Elevate your dabbing experience to a previously unobtainable level with the updated convection air heating.


A new removable chamber filter allows for easy maintenance without any difficult-to-reach parts. It’s almost effortless to clean any buildups and keep your Magnum-4 in mint condition.


Vapers can enjoy an even air heating distribution with the updated spiral heating element. This increased efficiency creates consistent, smooth, and flavorful hits. Every time.


 Magnum 4 Highlights

  • Updated stainless steel spiral removeable chamber filter.
  • Updated patented Air-Hi technology convection air heating with an isolated airflow pathway that avoids passing over any electronics.
  • Fast USB-C charging port
  • A fully-anodized aluminum body encased in premium heat-absorbing carbon fiber.
  • Even air heating for full vaporizing of all active ingredients.
  • A replaceable lithium-ion battery that users can also remove for separate charging.
  • Precise temperature control from 320–439ºF.
  • Memory function, and haptic feedback.
  • Easy-to-clean glass mouthpiece that stays cool and provides an extra-clean taste.
  • Optional, spill-proof state-of-the-art water filtration bubbler. Turn the Magnum-4 into a rig pen.


What’s in the Box?

Your Magnum 4 package contains the following:

  • Magnum-4
  • User manual
  • Rechargeable Samsung 18650B 3400mAh battery
  • Micro USB-C charging cable
  • Dabbing tool
  • Chamber filter tool
  • Cleaning brush
  • Water Bubbler adaptor
  • Wax pad 



How to Use the Magnum 4

  1. For dry herbs the recommended starting temperature is 385, (415 with water bubbler)
  2. For wax/shatters insert the wax pad into the bottom of the chamber, and load the dabs on top of the wax pad, recommended temperature is 415.
  3. Press the power button three times to start the heating mode. The Magnum-4 vibrates and shows its logo on the screen.
  4. Select if you’d like your temperature displayed in ºF or ºC.
  5. Click the arrows to adjust the pen to your preferred temperature. Hold a button down to make large adjustments quickly.
  6. Autosaves last memory function.
  7. Once the Magnum-4 reaches the set temperature, it vibrates again.
  8. Press and hold both buttons to power Off.


How to Achieve Optimal Vaping With the Magnum-4

All vapers want to achieve the best possible clouds and the tastiest rips. We’ve provided some tips for Magnum 4 owners to get flavorsome, cannabinoid-filled hits during every use: 

  • Grind fresh, dry herbs finely to maximize the airflow around each particle.
  • Pack the chamber snugly, but don’t fill it over the metal lining to avoid clogging the mouthpiece.
  • Wait 10 seconds after the device reaches your desired temperature to take your first hit.
  • Try preheating your pen before loading its chamber.
  • Take slow and longer draws (3-5 seconds) 


Take Control of the Cannabinoids You Vape 

The Magnum-4’s temperature control functions allow users only to inhale the cannabinoids they desire. As these compounds evaporate at different boiling points, vapers can play around with their pen’s settings to achieve certain flavors and effects. 

Here’s our guide on what to expect from various temperatures: 

Under 376ºF (Lightly Toasted) 

This setting is for users looking for the best flavors from their buds. It produces a fresh, cool taste that’s less harsh on the throat and has fewer possible side effects. Lower temperatures are also ideal for lightweights who aren’t looking to get too intoxicated. 

Vapers can look forward to the following: 

  • An intense, fresh, and citrusy flavor.
  • Calming and invigorating euphoria.
  • A cooler vapor that causes less coughing.
  • Decreased dry mouth, red eyes, lethargy, or anxiety. 

376–400ºF (Half Baked) 

Mid-range temperatures provide plenty of terpenes with more access to cannabinoids. Expect a thicker, warmer vapor with a richer taste and noticeably stronger effects. 

This setting is best for enjoying both sensations and flavors: 

  • A relaxing, euphoric state without drowsiness.
  • Volatizing more THC than with lower temperatures.
  • Increased cannabinoids and tasty terpenes.
  • A chance of minor side effects. 

Above 400ºF (Fully Baked) 

If you want to extract the maximum amount of cannabinoids from your dry flowers, this is your temperature range. The vapor is hotter and has less flavor but results in the most potent psychoactive effects. 

Blast off with this setting to enjoy: 

  • Hotter vapor.
  • Fewer terpenes and higher cannabinoid extraction.
  • Intense effects.
  • Maximum THC. 


Superb-Quality Vaping With the Magnum-4 

The Magnum-4 provides superb-quality vaping that any connoisseur can appreciate. Its portability, taste and flavor of the clouds produced, and durability are challenging to find in most devices. 

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Steven S.
Canada Canada

Magnum 4

Love the device but the mouth piece is sealed by glass and is unusable

Giordano C.
United States United States

Battery life

Everything else about the product is good with and overall experience but as long as it takes for it to charge the battery life seems a bit of because in every use the battery charge becomes so low with just minutes of use

Brock N.
United States United States

My mag 4

Well it has been great until the last week wax started coming from the buttons and will. I longer turn on now what should I do ?

John B.
United States United States

Excellent choice

I love my new Magnum 4. It's super easy to use, and has taken my game to the next level. As a home grower, this pen allows me to experience the unique quality and terpene profile of my grow. I highly recommend trying out the Magnum 4 ya'll.

Jeff V.
Canada Canada


The service to the product Fantastic !!! Will be ordering more items .

The preferred starting temperature for herbs is 382 (400 with water bubbler), For concentrates is 400.