How to clean your vape.



  1. Clean the mouthpiece and oven after use (alcohol wipes)
  2. Change the mouthpiece screen when the airflow is not smooth
  3. Charge the battery when it has 10% or less to keep the battery life longer
  4. Detail cleaning every 3-5 uses
  5. Remove the water filtration bubbler after use
  6. Draw on the water bubbler until the water is contained without leaking before attaching it to the unit.

note: All vaporizer built-in temperature sensors are very sensitive to surrounding as well. if you’re using it outdoor when the outside temperature is cold, it’ll take longer to heat up and the temperature LED display may be different because of the outside cold weather and heat element mixed.

 Note: The oven must be fully packed and packed snug tight. ( filled up to the ceramic part )

Aviator 3 

  1. 5 fast rapid clicks the right button to power on.
  2. For dry herbs temperature settings: 410, 430, 450.
  3. With water filtration only works on 410, 430, 450.
  4. Wait 20 more seconds after reaching temperature for best result.


Magnum 2

  1. Open the battery cover and remove the safety protection insulation sheet from the battery. (an rounded dime size safety paper sheet on the minus side of the battery)
  2. 5 fast rapid clicks the right button to initiate power connection for the first use.
  3. Fully charge the battery before first use.

 Note: When using the water filtration set, the temperature must be higher (400 or higher to get thicker clouds)

The Déjà Vu

  1. Remove the safety protection insulation sticker from the battery (an rounded dime size sticker on the minus side of the battery).
  2. Secure the battery cover (with a coin). Tight.
  3. keep the unit and mouthpiece thread clean before and after use
  4. Do not screw on the mouthpiece tight
  5. Clean the chamber after use with the brush
  6. Detailed cleaning once a week
  7. Charge the battery 8+ hours for the initial charge


Titanic 2 

  1. Fully charge the battery before the first use (2-3 hours) 
  2. Enjoy


Aviator 2

Before use, plug in your Aviator vaporizer and let it fully charged. 

Screw off the mouth piece to access the chamber.

Load your grind dry herbs (medium fine) into the chamber (must be fully packed and packed tightly)

After completely charged, press button five times rapidly to turn on/off device.

Hold down button for 5 seconds when changing between temperature settings from 370°F, 410°F or 450°F