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PURI5 (Purify) Vapor Technology, The Art of Vaporization, EST. 2013. Trademark and Patented Registration # 5,484,261 SER. NO. 87-554,601. A brand that focus on our passion, dry herb vaporizers. Through our extensive resourceful research, we design, modify, and perfect the finest herbal vaporizers to offer our clients at a bargain price. Our mission is to produce the best dry herb vaporizers to promote a cleaner and a healthier lifestyle, we stand behind our products like no others, it's our commitment and dedication to our brand and to service our clients. The R&D on our vaping technology and its improvement will continue as we grow in demand. We will never stop to learn from your feedback, so we encourage you to write about your experience with our products. We take the time to test our products so that they are efficient and of the highest quality in vaping performance. 

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