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Aviator 4

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Water filtration

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$120.00 USD

Setting the industry trends, this fourth generation Aviator step up another notch to lead the vaporizer category. The feature-rich convection technology with a hollow and removeable chamber to deliver smooth and flavorful clouds from dry herbs or dabs.

Clogged, small draws, residue built up, gone are the days. The Aviator-4 produce consistent, flavorful smooth-hitting clouds on various temperature settings. The palm-size design is small enough to fit any pockets, and powerful enough to output the strongest vapor for its size.

  "This Product is Not For Use With Nicotine-Containing E-liquids, or Any Synthetic Nicotine or Nicotine Substitute."

Aviator-4 Features

The Aviator-4 improvements over the previous model with a new user interface, button control, adjustable airflow, hollow and removeable chamber, and the most recent updated Air-Hi convection technology.

Featuring the Air-Hi convection heating technology, the Aviator-4’s fully isolated airpath from the hollow chamber to ensure an even heating distribution, no chance of burn taste, combustion-free, to produce the smoothest vapor clouds from herbs and concentrates.

The improved user-friendly interface digital display features the advanced control temperature settings, vaping time setting, Celsius or Fahrenheit select.



  • Auto-off timer
  • Haptic feedback function (sleep/wake/ready)
  • Class A Li-Polymer built-in battery (500+ charging cycle tested)
  • Overcharge protection
  • Overheat protection
  • Temperature range (320°F – 428°F / 160 ° - 221 ° C)
  • Glass mouthpiece
  • USB-C charging port


Easy Cleaning

The Aviator-4’s removeable hollow chamber makes cleaning an effortless task to none. It’s designed with a removeable pin for clearing the airpath and removing the chamber to ensure every fresh bowl is always smooth and fresh tasting vapour clouds.


What’s Included

  • 1 Aviator-4 vaporizer
  • 1 USB-C charging cable
  • 1 Concentrate pad
  • 1 Chamber too
  • 1 Ceramic filter
  • 1 Silicone ring
  • 1 Chamber brush
  • 1 Airpath brush
  • 1 Manual

 User's manual download


Aviator-4 Vape Guide

Are you looking for huge flavor? Or maybe you’re looking to maximize cannabinoid vaporization? The Aviator-4’s versatility allows for a customized vaping experience and we encourage our users to experiment with different grind consistencies, pack densities, and temperature settings so they can get ​their ​best vapour clouds.
For most vaporizers and vape users, the best rips come down to good, consistent airflow and precise temperature control. While precise temperature controls are essential, it’s easy to show a number on a digital screen. What is referring to, rather, is precise temperature control - meaning that the temperature is what the screen says it is, and this temperature does not fluctuate quickly while vaping.

Pro tip: Don’t underestimate the importance of accurate temperature control - since different cannabinoids have different melting temperatures, changes in vape temperatures also change the medicinal benefits of the herb vaped.

To reiterate, stability in vape temp and airflow are key for good rips. The Aviator-4 owner will find him or herself pleased with its performance, design, and high-quality components, which provide clean airflow, precision settings, and stable temperatures. 

How do I get the best airflow?

We recommend a medium-to-fine grind and a snug pack for the best airflow and max cloud production. Better airflow means better clouds and tastier rips, so it’s important to not pack the chamber too tightly. The Aviator-4 specializes in amazing airflow and easy cleaning, though, so don’t worry yourself too much with getting the perfect pack the first time! Just remember that the Aviator-4’s heating style (convection) moves warm air around each particle of cannabis to vaporize the cannabinoids … it makes sense that a coarse grind wouldn’t be as effective as a fine grind, as there are fewer available cannabis surfaces available for the hot air to pass through.

Pro tip: Better airflow means that heat from the vaporizer can penetrate plant matter more easily, thereby producing a tastier, ticker vapor with maximized cannabinoid vaporization.

What are the best temperature settings for the Aviator-4?

While we recommend a starting temperature for the Aviator-4 at 385°F, a quick Google search will show that the general rule of thumb across devices is vaping at somewhere between 355-420°F (180-215°C). This is to maximize the cannabinoids vaporized - some cannabinoids only melt at high temperatures. The Aviator-4 heats up very quickly, at around 17 seconds, and has an adjustable working time at from three to five minutes, so users will have no problem getting whatever they want from their herb. 

For our users’ reference, at low temperatures, or temperatures under 376°F(191°C), the speed of cannabinoid extraction is slow and the primary cannabinoid melted is THC. Rips in this temperature range will produce great flavor and heady highs with no body high. At mid-level temperatures, or temperatures at from 376°F(191°C) to 400°F(204°C), physical effect cannabinoids and terpenes are vaped such CBD, CBN, Linalool, and Α-terpineol. As a result, many consider this temperature range to be the best level for medicinal use.

Pro tip: At high temperatures, or temperatures above 400°F(204°C), users will feel “stoned” with heavy body effects due to relatively higher concentrations of physical-effect cannabinoids and faster THC extraction. While flavor does deteriorate more quickly here than in other temperature ranges, many find the very strong level of medication well worth the sacrifice.



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Michael C.
United States United States

Great device

Excellent product, user friendly, simple cleaning airflow chamber, and overall works great.

David M.
United States United States

2nd one

This is a great way to enjoy the medicinal effects as well as it brings out the full flavor of your buds. Makes it a truly magical experience.

Ron M.
United States United States

Replacement order for Aviatior 2

Boris asked me to fill out a warranty card and that the message includes a picture of the constant error message. Please consider refunding a portion of my Purchased price on the Aviator 4 I just received. Hopefully yours ….. Ron McKeown

Fabián C.
Mexico Mexico

Great Quality!

I love it! it is fast and really efficient, easy to use and clean.

Fred D.
United States United States


This device, is the best way for patients to ingest cannabis volatiles, hands down. I provide them to my patients for a dosing regimen of various flower profiles to treat their issues...NO SMOKE -- ONLY VAPOR.

Recommended starting temperature 385, with water bubbler is 400.