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Kratom is a herb from the leaves of an evergreen plant native to Southeast Asia. Individuals who prefer natural treatment alternatives consume kratom for its many health benefits and recreational purposes as it is a mild stimulant.  


There are many kratom strains, each with different potencies and effects. Kratom is also available in many forms like kratom capsules, powder, extracts, or leaves, and there are also other consumption methods. One should be cautious with where they purchase their kratom products. Here is where to shop for best Kratom powder online. 


Keep reading to know the effectiveness of the different forms of kratom.  


Types of Kratom Strains 

 Green Leafed Plants

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There are three kratom strains; red, green, and white vein kratom. Each kratom has different potencies and ranges of effects they cause.  

Red Veined Kratom  

Red vein kratom leaves are a result of full maturity. They have a balanced alkaloid concentration which gives them maximum potency. The general effects range depending on the strain you consume. Its effects are:  


  • Mild sedation  
  • Relaxing effects  
  • Improved focus 
  • Anxiety and stress relief  
  • Sedating effects 
  • Pain relief  
  • Increased energy levels  


Strain Types  

Red Indo helps you feel energized and focused at the same time.  

Red Thai provides relaxing and pain-relieving effects with no overwhelming feelings.  

Red Vein Maeng Da is the best for sedation and pain-relieving. It causes intense effects at high doses, so be careful when consuming it.  


Red Bali and Borneo are both from Borneo but have different names. They are more robust than Red Thai, and when consumed at higher doses, they cause mildly sedative effects.  

Green Veined Kratom  

Green vein kratom leaves have a medium-level maturity. They are preferred over red and white vein kratom because their effects are mild and long-lasting. Its range of effects are:  


  • Energizing  
  • Mood-boosting  
  • Euphoric effects (at high doses) 
  • Relaxing effects  


Strain Types  

Green Borneo has energizing and mood-boosting effects at lower doses. At higher doses, it causes feelings of euphoria.  


Green Bali is the most relaxing strain. Its energy-boosting effects are not at all overwhelming.  

Green Indo has anxiety-relieving properties and is not physically overwhelming.  

Green Malay is the best for improving cognitive functioning and causes mild analgesic effects.  

White Veined Kratom  

The leaves of white vein kratom are at the early stages of maturity, but this does not make them any less potent. Compared to the other kratom strains, they are more ex[ensive because their leaves are rare. It causes effects like:  


  • Improved cognitive function  
  • Energy booster  
  • Mildly euphoric  
  • Improves focus   

Strain types 

White Bali is a mood-boosting, energizing, and concentration-increasing strain. When consumed at higher doses, it causes euphoric effects.  


White Thai is similar to White Bali, but its effects are on the high end of the spectrum.  


Methods of Consuming Kratom  

There are several methods of consuming kratom, each with its advantages and disadvantages.  

Chewing Leaves  

The traditional method of consuming kratom was chewing leaves. You remove the veins first before chewing the leaves. Kratom leaves are not highly concentrated, meaning that you will have to finish a large number of the leaves to achieve the desired effects. Just like kratom powder, the leaves are also bitter.  

Kratom Capsules  

Taking kratom capsules is one of the consumption methods that is gaining popularity. Kratom capsules are arguably a more convenient and more straightforward method of consumption. You require no preparation at all. There is no risk of overdosing as the powder in the capsules is premeasured.  

Kratom Tea  

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Kratom tea is a popular consumption method because it is effective and convenient. You do not require special equipment or preparation to make kratom tea. But when making your tea, do not use kratom extract, as boiling it destroys alkaloids; use kratom powder. These are some of the equipment you will need:  


  • Kratom powder 
  • Boiling pot and mug 
  • Water 
  • Sweetener and acid (both optional) 

Toss and Wash  

With the “toss and wash” method, you consume the powder directly in your mouth, and then you wash it down with a form of liquid. Using this method helps you avoid the additional steps of preparing kratom tea.  


It is more challenging to consume kratom powder this way than other methods. Because kratom is known to be bitter and directly washing the powder down your throat can be intense, especially for new users. There is also a risk of choking due to the dry powder. But it is still a preferred method of consumption because one feels the effects quickly.  


Here are some helpful tips for this method:  


  • Control your breathing to avoid blowing out the powder before it hits your mouth.  
  • Kratom causes the kidneys to produce more urine. So make sure to drink a lot of fluids before, after, and during consumption to avoid dehydration.  
  • To reduce the chances of choking, break the amount of your talk into small portions.  


There is no definite best method of consuming kratom. It all depends on your tolerance level or desire for simplicity. Any of the methods above should be viable options to cater to any of your needs. Just make sure to use the correct dose for effective results.  



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