What Is A Dry Herb Vaporizer?

Dry herb vaporizers look very similar to e-cigarettes. The popularity of wax and vaporizer pens has skyrocketed in 2018. There are plenty of reasons why people are choosing to vape instead of smoking. The first main reason is that vaporizers are pocket-friendly. Learn everything you need to know about wax pens and portable vaporizers before buying one

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Vaporizers are electronic devices that have been designed to warm dried herbs until it emits the vapor that can be inhaled. Rather than the more traditional combustion method of dry smoking herb, a vaporizer will produce vapor instead of smoke. This alone makes it a better option than smoking because you can avoid harmful chemicals from combustion. Not all portable vaporizers are the same because we created the best dry herb vaporizer products and prefilled vape pens. We have multiple types of vaporizers which we explain in more detail below.

A vaporizer can come in many shapes and forms. There are both desktop versions which are designed for use inside the home and portable versions which can be used to vape dry flower on the go. An oil pen is another convenient option.

Before we decided we wanted to design the best portable vaporizer, we had to do a lot of research. After learning about all the flaws of the current vaporizers on the market, we knew we could make it better. Our products aim at providing the highest quality vapor production possible from dried herbs.

The History of Vaporizers

Vaping has been around for centuries. In Ancient Egypt, the Egyptians had their unique form of vaporization. It involved standing on hot stones that had seeds and plants on top, before being engulfed in the resulting vapor. In India, the hookah pipe is another form of vaporizer that has stood the test of time. Modern times has now brought new technology with it that has taken vaping to the next level. The vape pen is a breakthrough welcomed by many long-time dried herb smokers.

Why Use A Dry herb Vaporizer?

The main reason for using a vaporizer is the health benefits that it offers. Since no smoke is produced, no harmful chemicals are produced during vaporizing. Smoking dry flower frequently can have some consequences because of the combustion. Vaporizers are perfect for the heavy dried herb smoker because it removes the health risk that comes from combustion.

However, there are more benefits from the lack of smoke. Vaping leaves a much less intense odor inside of the home and clothing. Also, since there is no harsh smoke to irritate the lungs and throat, it’s possible to inhale deeply, giving all the desired effects without the need to use so much material. This enables you to use less dried herbs to have the same experience.

How Does Using A Dry Herb Vaporizer Feel Different To Smoking?

If you smoke dried herbs, the cannabinoids which cause the euphoric effect are mostly destroyed with combustion. Vaping allows the ability to use a tiny amount of dried herbs and activate the most effects from it. Smoking dried herbs is mostly just byproducts of combustion. However, if you vape, the vapor you’re inhaling is virtually all cannabinoids. You may find that the effects are slightly slower to kick in than they are with smoking, but the effects will build over a few minutes, so starting slow is always a good idea.

Many people who have switched from smoking dried herb to vaping agree that the high is a lot cleaner. Vaping dry herb emits a smell far less as strong than smoking. Those who are wondering if it’s the same type of high from smoking dried herb, or if it’s just as strong will be satisfied to know its stronger. Vaping dry herb is significantly healthier compared to smoking. Also, the flavor of the dry herb is amplified.

How Do Modern Portable Vaporizers Work?

Today’s cutting-edge technology has led to advanced vaporizers that offer a great experience to users. While they come in different forms, shapes and sizes, modern dry herb vaporizers all function in a similar way. The user adds their dry herbs into the chamber, chooses the right temperature, activates the device and then inhales the vapor once it has reached the designated temperature.

What To Consider About Vaporizers

Since there are numerous styles of dry herb vaporizer products available on the market, finding the one that best suits your needs is essential. Here are some things to consider:

  • Portability – a portable dry herb vaporizer is an ideal choice for vaping on the go. Whether at festivals, at a friend’s home, or while out and about, portable vapes are convenient and compact. Their small size and light weight make them easy to fit into a purse or pocket, and their discreet appearance makes them ideal to use in public. The palm-sized Aviator 3 is a perfect example of this style of vaporizer.
  • Home use – do you prefer to vape at home? If you do, a desktop vaporizer could suit your needs. These devices are large and need to be plugged into a power outlet before use, so they can only be used in a fixed location. They produce high-quality vape clouds but are no good for anyone on the move.
  • Using wax – if you prefer to vape concentrates rather than dried herbs, a wax pen is the best option for you. Slim, compact and highly portable, wax pens like the Gig are efficient, effective and powerful as well as suitable for use on the move.

Choosing The Best Dry herb Vaporizer For You

We created some critical dry herb vaporizer questions that should be asked before making that purchase. Some questions to ask yourself include:

  • How much do you want to spend? We created affordable high-performance vaporizers with useful vaping features. The features will impact the price, so it's essential to know which ones are important to you.
  • How many people will use your vaporizer? We recommend our Titanic 2 dry herb vaporizer for those who want to share it with friends.
  • Do you need a vaporizer discreet for public use? Or does this not matter to you? Our Aviator 3 is one of our best dry herb vaporizers that doesn’t look like one.
  • Battery life – will you need to use your device outside the home for extended periods when you have no access to a charger? We recommend our Magnum 2 vaporizer because of its removable battery. Carry up to multiple charged batteries for continues use without charges.

Cleaning A Dry Herb Vaporizer Or Wax Pen

Cleaning a vaporizer is usually not too much time-consuming. All that is required is for the screen and mouthpiece to be removed and then soaked in isopropyl alcohol before being thoroughly rinsed and dried using paper towels. The vaporizer oven of the Magnum 2 can be cleaned with a pipe cleaner or cotton swab that has been moistened using isopropyl alcohol. The oven needs to be clean thoroughly then dried before you use the vaporizer again. Remember that all electronic components and batteries must be kept away from the water.

A Guide To Vape Pen Batteries

Battery operated vaporizers are very popular these days thanks to their versatility and flexibility. They use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries as a source of power allowing them to be recharged for many uses. In some cases, vape pen batteries are fixed into the device. Others are removable and can be interchanged for zero downtime between vapes. The Deja-Vu is one such example. Most portable vaporizers come with a micro USB charging cable.

Heating Element Types

There are two separate heating method technologies which can be incorporated into a dry herb vaporizer – convection and conduction. A convection vaporizer uses hot air to pass through the dry herb to generate vapor. Convection vaporizers typically cost more than conductionbecause of the higher quality vape it produces.

Conduction heating works by transferring heat from direct contact – the dry herbs are in direct contact with the vaporizer’s heating element. Convection heaters, meanwhile, heat the air around the material to be vaped. This warms it to the desired temperature. The Titanic 2 is a great example of a convection heated device.

Most portable vaporizers use conduction style heating which may be in the form of a heating chamber or heating coil. A heating coil can burn the herbs rather than vaporizer it. Vaporizers with this type of heating system with ceramic or glass screen are usually placed over its coil so the herb is kept away from the element. Pen-style portable vaporizers sometimes have heating coils; however, today, the heating chamber is the more popular design.

Vaporizers that have heating chambers use a metal, ceramic, or glass bowl close to the heating element. Usually, this element is a set of metal coils that electricity passes through to produce heat. This heat can then be transferred into the heating chamber. Ceramic heating chambers, such as the one found in the Magnum 2, are popular because they can heat herbs more evenly thanks to their larger crystalline ceramic chamber. They also offer better control of the temperature.

Controlling Temperature

Being able to control the temperature of a vaporizer effectively is essential to maximize the experience. Vaporizers like the Magnum 2 have the functionality to adjust to your desired temperature. Having control over the heat of the vape will optimize the vaping session. Low temperatures ranging from 320F to 439F is the perfect temperature range for flavor and tasty clouds from vaping sessions.

Safety Features

Today’s dry herb vaporizers have been designed with a host of adequate safety precautions, the Titanic 2, for example, comes equipped with overcharge, short circuit, overheating, sensor error, and open load protection built in for maximum vaping safety.

Attachments, Accessories And Features

Despite their compact size and lightweight design, portable vaporizers often offer attachments, add-ons or amazing features that wouldn’t necessarily be expected in such a small device. One particularly useful feature is a bubbler, allowing for water filtration for a better experience thanks to the cooler vapor and smoother draw. The Magnum 2, for example, boasts a removable water filter for a fresher and purer flavor.

The rise in the demand for vaporizers has innovated many new enhancements. Many portable vaporizers now have the added addition of a bubbler attachment. This fits in the heating chamber allowing the vaper to choose between dry herbs or wax. The Aviator 3, for example, comes with a concentrates cup for a truly versatile vaping experience.

What About A Wax Vape Pen?

For vapers who are only interested in vaping concentrates, a wax pen is the best option. The easiest and quickest way to enjoy vaping concentrates on the move, a wax pen is compact enough to slip into a pocket and discreet enough to use in public without attracting undue attention.

The first wax vaporizer pen was introduced almost a decade ago in 2009. These early devices were quite basic. However, today’s modern versions offer outstanding vapor quality. Although they continue to function in the same way as the first wax pens, the construction materials and the technology used to make them are much more durable and powerful these days. The build quality has improved and the batteries incorporated into these devices make them more reliable.

How Do Wax Pens Work?

In most cases, wax pens feature three different components: an atomizer (or heating chamber), a mouthpiece and a battery. These three parts can be connected or disconnected by just twisting them into place. Our GIG wax pen was made to improve its convenience; it has both an iPhone and android charging connection.

The user unscrews the mouthpiece to reveal the atomizer, coil-less heating bowl, and the chamber where the concentrate is placed. A dab tool is then used to put wax onto the sides of the coil less bowl heating chamber, taking care not to damage or scrape the heating element on the center of the bowl while loading the device.

After the device is loaded, the user attaches the mouthpiece back and activates the unit. Dry herb extract can then be inhaled after the user presses the power button which enables the coil less heating bowl to heat the wax.

There are several ways to heat a wax pen, here, we’ll look at some of them.


A wick base wax pen atomizer is perfect for the consumption of runny waxy oils. This type of atomizer uses a heating coil which is wrapped about an absorbent fiber wicking material which soaks up the wax or oil to create a flavorful, smooth draw.


Wickless wax pen atomizers are ideal for use with thicker wax concentrates. A wickless atomizer is optimized for giving the best flavor when vaped. Pure ceramic will wickless atomizers are the best for the cleanest tasting vape.

Best atomizer for wax

These are newer types of atomizers featuring a flat ceramic dish with no exposed coils or wicks. Perfect for dabbing at a low temperature, these atomizers do not allow the wax to make direct contact with the device’s heating coil so it can burn more slowly and produce a better taste. This also allows more concentrate to be conserved.

Wax Pen Batteries

The battery used by a wax pen will usually have 510 threading making it interchangeable for use with a range of attachments. Batteries come in different amperages and voltage levels, and they can be found in a choice of colors, but all have the same functionality – to power up the heating element of the wax pen.

A Variable Voltage Battery

Batteries which can handle a range of voltage options and heat settings are becoming more popular for use in wax pens. Sometimes called temperature control batteries, this way of powering a wax pen is very effective. The GIG wax pen, for example, can handle four different pre-set temperatures for a more customized concentrate vaping experience for the user. By clicking the power button three times, it’s possible to change the temperature to suit the individual’s preferences.

Refillable Vape Cartridge in 2018

Our oil pen offers the functionality to be used with either a prefilled cartridge or with our refillable vape cartridge as long as its 510 threaded and has the top air flow. This gives the user even greater flexibility and convenience to suit their preferences and needs.