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Kratom is the new trend among nutritionists, gym enthusiasts, and many more. It may hail from the southeastern continents, but today, it is widespread from the US to Japan. People worldwide are using the herb to enjoy its many benefits, both recreational and therapeutic. 

But, what is kratom, and why is it getting so popular? Whether you plan to try the trending herb or are merely just curious, you’re in the right place. Read on to find six fascinating facts about kratom that will blow your mind! 

What Are the Fascinating Facts About Kratom?

The popularity of kratom is skyrocketing, making it a household name now. Here are a few exciting things you must know about the herb:

  1. Kratom and its Origin

Kratom is an evergreen tree from the coffee family which originated in the tropical areas of Southeast Asia. The tree is scientifically called Mitragyna speciosa and can grow up to 100 feet. Kratom is famous for its exceptional properties of mood enhancement, energizing, and euphoria. 

Kratom leaves contain two main components mitragynine and 7 hydroxy mitragynine, which acts as both medicinal and recreation provider. Kratom leaves can be chewed orally or consumed in tea, soup, or desserts. People often add sweetener to overcome its bitter taste, and kratom also comes in capsule forms. Usually, the leaves are dried to make kratom powder. 

If you plan to use kratom to help relax your mind and body, the Gold Bali kratom powder is ideal for you. But the question is: Does Bali kratom make you tired? Absolutely. You can incorporate it into your life and consume it at night to get peaceful sleep each night. 


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  1. There Are Three Main Types of Kratom Powder

  1. White kratom: 

White kratom powder is extracted from new kratom leaves, and it has no recreational properties but has maximum mood lifting agents. This kratom powder is recommended for people suffering from depression, anxiety, and stress. It may work as a mood enhancer and can be consumed on an empty stomach. If you start your day with white kratom powder, take small amounts first and then increase it according to your requirements.

White kratom benefits:

  • It may help boosts your energy instantaneously.
  • It can assist in enhancing the mood and reduces stress levels.
  • It helps clear thoughts, focus, and gain clarity.
  • It can act as a painkiller and may benefit people suffering from chronic pain.

  1. Green kratom:

Green kratom powder is extracted from fully grown kratom leaves, and they can have mild recreational properties but possess immense antioxidants and anti-aging agents. It has lesser mood enhancement agents but might be perfect for regular kratom intakers to get an instant energy boost on a stressful day. 

The green kratom powder has relaxing agents that help you face social gatherings or aid you in stage fright. If you want to understand the recreational plant, the best way to start is by trying out the green kratom powder. It is readily available in the market more easily than white kratom powder. 

Green kratom benefits:

  • It possesses relaxing agents which may help boost your energy in a crowd.
  • It can be consumed daily with minimal side effects when taken at moderate levels. 
  • It can assist in uplifting your mood and is suited for people suffering from depression and stress. 
  • It has mild recreational properties, so the quantity has to be cross-checked before consuming. 
  • Green kratom powder is preferred to make CBD-infused kratom powder.

  1.  Red kratom powder:

Red kratom powder is more popular and highly preferred over white and green kratom powder for its recreational properties. It gives a slight buzz the entire day and keeps your spirits up throughout. The red kratom powder is extracted from ripe and mature kratom leaves. They contain rich, relaxing agents and recreational benefits and can be addictive if consumed in large amounts. 

Red kratom powder is rarer but is the best of all types of kratom powder. However, you must try using it after trying green kratom powder first. 

Red kratom benefits:

  • Red kratom powder may have high recreational properties. 
  • It aids in improving the quality of sleep.
  • It assists in elevating one's mood.
  • It acts as a fast pain relief agent. 
  • It may provide an immediate calming sensation. 

Red kratom powder is ideal for people who have insomnia and chronic disorders. It provides high recreational properties and makes it suitable for creating kratom-based recipes. Often the red kratom is sun-dried to modify the kratom leaves’ alkaloid profile. It breaks down the components and fosters a higher concentration of 7-hydroxy mitragynine. This makes the leaf turn golden, and it is rarer than the other three kratom varieties. Gold Bali kratom powder has more potent effects than red kratom, increases appetite, relieves pain, and has high recreational properties. 

  1. Kratom Consumption

Kratom is a perfect recreational plant with good medicinal benefits and aids withdrawal symptoms of heroin, morphine, and other opioid drugs. You can consume it in different forms: 

  1. With water: 

In the herbal world, this method of taking kratom with water is called Toss and wash method. It is the simplest and highly preferred method of consuming kratom into your body. 

It requires washing down your kratom dose with water immediately after tossing the powder into your mouth. Be quick; else, it will settle on the tongue and give a bitter taste. In case you cannot be fast, mix your kratom dose with lukewarm water and drink it. 

  1. As a capsule: 

Capsules are pretty standard and mostly come at a 1 gram dosage. It is just like consuming any other pills. YOu can take them with any beverages like fruit and vegetable juices. Be careful with the intake of the number of capsules. It is better to start with one capsule and eventually increase the count. 

  1. Sip it with tea: 

This is common among regular kratom consumers to sip their dose in a hot beverage. Kratom tea gives a full-fledged experience as you sip it slowly and get mixed directly into the bloodstream. It is straightforward to make kratom tea. You can incorporate the kratom leaves into the boiling tea or soak the leaves in water used for tea beforehand. More than coffee, kratom suits best for tea. 


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  1. Market Opportunities for Kratom

There has been a significant change in contemporary medical practices during the past several years. To remain healthy and avoid illnesses, individuals are increasingly turning to alternative holistic treatments.

Kratom is quickly becoming a popular organic supplement due to its many health advantages. Given the herb's recent popularity, experts think the kratom business has enormous potential for profit and development. Starting a kratom company and jumping into the market is becoming a good choice today.

Starting a new kratom company may be done in a variety of ways. As a vendor, one may get into the market by collaborating with a large, well-established firm specializing in kratom.

Aside from that, there are a plethora of companies that provide franchising opportunities. One may purchase a franchise and profit from the trademark that has already been created.

Even without a brand image, some companies are incredibly successful through their expertise and commercial skills. Several vendors also provide distribution agreements to provide the company's name on the shelf and access a particular area.


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  1. Kratom Is a Herb 

A general question is if kratom is a drug and whether it is addictive. To answer that, kratom is a herb and does not possess any opiate strains. The components of kratom leaf may show effects similar to opioids, so people use it to manage opiate withdrawal symptoms and handle stress, depression, and anxiety levels. 

Many people consider kratom to be an addictive drug—however, a place where it originated regards it as a medicinal herb. The shredded fresh herbs of the plant are chewed or turned into tea by indigenous manual laborers in some Southeast Asian areas to fight tiredness and increase work efficiency. Kratom formulations have also been utilized for millennia in social and religious rituals and to treat various medical problems, including morphine addiction in Thailand and opium addiction in Malaya.

  1. Benefits of Kratom

Kratom can offer numerous health benefits, and some of them are:

  1. May Reduce Pain

Kratom may reduce severe pains like arthritis, muscle pains, joint pains, and chronic pains. It suppresses the pain and lightens the mood. The effectiveness of kratom entirely depends on the amount of kratom consumed and the type of kratom used. The best pain relief kratom is the red kratom powder. 

  1. May Make Your Brain Sharper

Many consumers claim they have better focus and a clearer mind after consuming kratom. Kratom has properties to elevate moods and lighten the pressure, which may help them focus better. 

  1. May Manage Mood 

Kratom can elevate moods and give an instant boost of energy. It acts as a stimulant to have a great day with optimism and excitement. They reduce pressure and anxiety levels and make you have a better outlook on life. 


For generations, kratom leaves have been consumed daily, especially in Southeast Asia. It can easily be grown in any tropical place, and today kratom leaves are found everywhere. The growing awareness of kratom leaves makes it very popular among nutritionists and athletes as it does not contain any opiate substances. People consume them and enjoy their significant medicinal and recreational properties. Whenever you start your kratom journey, make sure you keep these fascinating facts in mind! 

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