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Monsoons bring such relief from the scorching summer heat. Any living being will enjoy the pitter-patter sound of raindrops and nippy feeling in the air. But our furry friends need extra protection from the various infections the rainy season brings. The wet dog smell and your pets’ muddy paws, ticks, and fleas can make their rainy days repulsive for you.  

Why deprive your loving pets of the cheerful rainy atmosphere, the cool breeze, and the monsoon splashes when there are certain practices for your pet’s health and safety. Here is a checklist of simple tricks and tips for your pet’s hygienic and joyful monsoon. 

  1. Rainproof Shoes 


Holding back your pet from walking on muddy roads can be difficult. The fear of your puppy’s paws getting soiled in mud, rain, and filth can be frightful. This makes their toes susceptible to infections and bruises from sharp objects on wet earth. Aside from the pet discomfort, the healing process can take months. That’s why rain boots are indispensable. 

While shopping for the best dog boots, look for a waterproof upper and anti-slip sole. Choose weatherproof pet shoes in different colors, styles, prints suitable to your living area topography. Replace your pet’s old rainproof shoes with a fresh pair if you spot a hole in the existing pair. Look for non-zipper or strap options in pet shoes for a secure fit. Emphasize pet shoes’ durability for maximum paw protection in rainy weather.  

  1. Raincoat Protection  


 Dog wearing black clothes

Image Source: Unsplash 

Most pets have a thick natural coat, reducing the need for raincoat protection. But drying thick-furred pets in the monsoon season can be challenging. Also, the muddy rainwater and temperature drop may get your pets suffering from monsoon ailments like viral fever, pneumonia, bacterial allergies, etc.   

Invest in a rain poncho or rain jacket to keep your pet safe and warm in the seasonal downpour. Go for reflective neon green or orange color raincoats to enhance your pup's visibility outdoors. You may try sleeved and printed raincoats for medium and large breed dogs. Ensure that your selected raincoat covers your pet’s chest. Raincoat with waterproof coating will help keep your pet dry in the worst rainy conditions. 

  1. Waterproof Collars And Leashes 


 A puppy

Image Source: Unsplash 

Contact with polluted rainwater or walking in tall wet grass can expose your pet to waterborne diseases. Waterproof dog collars and leash are perfect pet care essentials for monsoons. Select a dog collar in the right size and a reflective strip for enhanced visibility in the rainy season. 

A dog harness will give you a better grip and control of your puppy during pet walking and training sessions. They are easy to maintain and use and are compatible with humid conditions.  

  1. Bathing And Grooming Needs 


 Pet grooming

Image Source: Unsplash 

Rains bring a flurry of animal-infecting ticks and mites. They can infect and irritate your pet’s coat and comfort zone. Bathe your pet with an anti-tick shampoo every fortnight. Check out a range of dog-conditioning shampoos and conditioners with added ingredients, like oatmeal and shea butter or lemongrass essential oils. 

High-absorbent Turkish cotton towels will help you dry your pet efficiently. Wash the pet towels frequently for your pet hygiene and care. Use a hairdryer at the lowest setting to blow-dry your pet fur. Keep pet grooming tools like nail clippers, trimmers, hairbrushes, high quality dog combs, scrubbers, ear cleaners. Get a dog deodorizer to eliminate stinky smells and leave your dog smelling fresher.  

  1. Anti-Anxiety Solutions 


 A happy kitty

Image Source: Unsplash 

Lightning and thunder strokes can scare pets. Anxiety issues are most common in pets during monsoon season. Bring relief to your pets by making them wear a calming ThunderShirt. The gentle pressure therapy of a ThunderShirt is pet-soothing and anxiety-relieving. Put this giant wrap on your pet to deal with your pet anxiety, thunder fears, or other problems. A ThunderShirt also helps soothe your terrified pup during the bursting of crackers and fireworks.  

Try aromatherapy for your pets. Pheromone dog collars and essential oils emit a calming and soothing smell, making them highly effective in pet therapy. Explore lavender or chamomile calming scents for dogs to keep fleas away and treat pet insomnia. Apply lemongrass essential oil on your pet to give your pet tick-free and healthy skin. 

  1. Pet Wipes 


A pet wipe is a multi-utility item. This quick-fix solution keeps your pet clean by wiping muddy soil or wet dirt from their paws and bodies. Pet wipes are a convenient must-have for your pet’s potty outings in the rainy season and casual trips too. 

Pet wipes are hypoallergenic and are unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. Aloe vera-infused pet wipes moisturize your pet's face and skin and impart a shiny look. Pursue alcohol-free pet wipes for use on the mouth, ears, and feet. You may use a dry cloth to wipe your pet's claws after the walk. 

The Bottom Line 


Deworm your pets in the rainy season by using medicated powders and liquids after consulting a veterinarian. Keep your pet vaccination schedule up-to-date. Avoid wet patches of grass when taking your pet for a casual stroll. Clean your pets’ utensils properly to avoid bacteria and germs. Also, make sure that your pet’s sleeping area is clean and sanitized.  

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