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Amnesia haze cannabis is one of the most popular cannabis strains out there. Tourists flock to different places to try out this fantastic strain. It is rich in both history and flavor, which makes it popular. Therefore, it is not surprising that you may be interested in growing your amnesia haze cannabis. If so, consider the following eight steps to make it work. 


indoor cannabis plant 

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Choose the Right Seeds 


It is essential to buy amnesia strain seeds from a reliable source. When choosing the perfect seeds, make sure you consider the strain that you love most. In addition, think about the benefits you want from the strain. For instance, choose seeds to help you deal with a specific condition.   


Once you find what works for your personal preference, think ahead. Finally, it matters where you grow the cannabis. There is a difference between growing your cannabis in a cupboard and growing it outdoors in the open. 

Understand the Fundamentals 


You can grow cannabis well only if you understand the fundamentals. It is one thing to put the seeds on the ground and another to grow juicy buds. For successful cannabis germination, it is vital to understand the basic requirements. One of the most important things to consider is the light requirements.  

Mature cannabis plant ready for harvest  

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Marijuana requires eighteen hours of light exposure in a day to achieve healthy vegetative cover. If you are growing cannabis plants indoors, you need to understand how to control the lights. It is crucial to delay germination for at least eight hours for outdoor growth.  Besides that, outdoor cannabis plants should be exposed to not less than 8 hours of sunlight if you want to end up with healthy plants.  


Also, note that besides lighting, the growing medium matters. There are different growing mediums, including soil and neutral mediums such as rock wool, vermiculite, coir, and perlite. It is also possible to pursue a purely hydroponic or aeroponic growth medium. Also, consider the air aspect. For cannabis to grow correctly, they need a fresh flow of air. This may not be an issue if you are growing the plants outdoors.  


However, you need an exhaust system to promote air circulation indoors. Other important factors are water intake, temperature, and nutrients. Understand what the crops need and provide a conducive environment significantly when growing cannabis indoors. 

Indoor Cannabis Lights 


As already mentioned, it is essential to expose the cannabis plants to the right environment to support maximum growth. This is even more important when growing the crops indoors. One of the significant factors to consider is lighting. Choose the right lights for your situation. Fortunately, some solutions are readily provided by the market.  


 Cannabis strain

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For instance, you can opt for customized cannabis growing cupboards that come with fitted lights. Therefore, you do not have to buy expensive or extravagant lights outside your budget. There are several options to consider when picking the best indoor cannabis lights. First, find the right LED and CFL lights. Then, talk to the right experts to understand what would work for your needs. 

Cannabis seedlings and Germination  


Growing cannabis from scratch is like an adventure.  It is vital to germinate your seeds the right way. Understand the right germination conditions and expose the seeds to support the appropriate lifecycle. Note that seeds require correct warmth, water, and location to germinate. Cannabis growing is an organic process that follows strict rules.  


You need to know what is acceptable and avoid when germinating and growing cannabis for personal and commercial purposes. What's more, it is something you need to learn and master. With time, you will find your niche and know what works best for you. Different growers follow different strategies when growing cannabis. Choose a path that is easy to manage and sustain. 

Vegetative State matters 


The vegetative state of cannabis plants matter. As a grower, the plants need to make as much food as possible. It is vital to support your plants to maximize their vegetative growth. This may mean exposing them to the right amounts of sunlight and growing conditions such as the growing medium and water. Feed the plants with the proper nutrients.  

Do all it takes to boost the growth of leaves and flowers during the vegetative phase. Monitor the growing phases and support them. Consider root development as well as this affects nutrient absorption. Depending on where you live, the vegetative cycle may be affected by the number of sunlight exposure. Take note of all things concerning your cannabis vegetative growth. 

Blooming period 

Once the green or vegetative phase is complete, focus on the blooming or flowering stage. This is the time when you need to take note of scents and aromas. Observe the floral arrangements to know whether the cannabis plant is growing as expected.  

 Cannabis grower at indoor grow

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Different cannabis strains have varied flower arrangements. This stage is also affected by whether the plant is grown outdoors or indoors. Flowering stages will happen around the end of summer when growing cannabis outdoors. However, for indoor cannabis, flowering is affected by the lighting schedule or photoperiod. Cannabis species will have different hormonal responses.  

Learn more about the species you are dealing with to know how different hormones affect its growth. For example, photo determinate plants need a hormone-sensitive light to stay vegetative. The second primary type is the auto-flowering strain, whose growth and vegetative state depend on age. 



Once the plant goes through all the stages, from seed to vegetative and blooming, it gets to a point where it matures and becomes ready for harvesting. Letting it grow beyond this point may be a waste of resources since no more yield will come out of it. It is essential to identify mature cannabis plants. Usually, it changes color and shrivels in appearance. As a grower, you need to pay attention to color changes and the plant's general appearance. What's more, this happens gradually and is not easy to ignore. 

Harvesting and Curing 

Knowing when to harvest is essential once you notice the signs of maturity. While there is no specific way to harvest cannabis, go with the most appropriate one. Some growers trim leaves while others harvest branches from the plant. Once harvested, dry the cannabis buds in a dark, cool place and check for molds. 

Final Thoughts 

Growing the best cannabis strain is easy if you know what it takes. You can be sure that you will have the best buds if you invest in the right processes.  

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