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Vape Pods - Where Stealth Meets Performance

The vape industry is seeing explosive growth, not only in terms of adoption, but in terms of better technologies and variety of products, as well. It’s as if there’s a perfect vape for every situation!

A more recent vape design, referred to as a “pod system” or “vape pod”, was initially designed for smokers transitioning into vaping. These vapes can produce legendary clouds and are popular amongst cloud chasers. However, because of the pod system’s portability and performance, many medical cannabis patients love with these devices - few vapes can compare to the pod when it comes to stealth.

What are pod vapes? What are the advantages of pod vapes over other devices? Read on as we dig into these vapes, identify tips for best experiences, and review the Aio Pod System!

What Are “Pod Vapes”?

With so many shapes and sizes available, the vape shopping experience can be overwhelming. To be brief, there are two types of pod vapes - “closed pod” and “open pod”.

“Closed pod” vapes are those devices whose pod is prefilled, while “open pod” vapes are those devices whose pod can be refilled. Prefilled is certainly convenient, but open pod vapes are gaining in popularity for the freedom they give cannabis patients in choosing what they vape - with open pod systems, cannabis patients can create their own unique, specialized mixes of thc, cbd, and terpenes to best mitigate their ailments.

In general, pod systems are simple, easy to use, easy to maintain vapes designed to be clean, quick, and discrete. Pod vapes are the smallest vapes around, the perfect stealth devices while one the go.

The Aio

We’ve entered the modern age when our vapes are also programmed with all our important vape stats, such as battery life, voltage, puff count, and firing modes! Enter the Aio … a futuristic, attractive, micro-vape for cannabinoid connoisseurs that combines quality and functionality. 

On using Puri5’s open-pod Aio, one will immediately notice that this vape is very small, smaller than one’s palm, making it convenient for travel. At the same time, the materials used in manufacturing the Aio have allowed for the production of a vape both durable and lightweight. There’s a density to the Aio that comes with quality vapes. Importantly, these high quality materials also keep the Aio from overheating - a risk commonly found in most vapes.

Some Aio features this author finds compelling include the sleek, wear-resistant design, the high-quality, nickel-chrome heating coil, and the fact that the built-in 550mAh battery comes 100% charged and ready to go! Puri5 knows its customer, and the Aio is very cool.

Tips For Best Experiences

The Aio’s generously-sized 4.0mL pod is easy to fill, with a magnet socket design and silicon fluid plug. Make sure to remove the quality check sticker from the bottom of the pod before vaping - otherwise the airway will be clogged. In order to avoid burning the Aio’s heating coil, never vape on an empty pod. On Puri5’s recommendation, pods should be refilled four to six times before replacement.

Hopefully, your local cannabis club carries Dabaratus. This syringe-like apparatus makes filling the Aio very easy. Click, click, click, drip, drip, drip, and away you go! Make sure to let the oil cover the heating elements before firing up the Aio. Some may find these cannabis toys difficult to obtain. For those cannabis patients, prefilled cartridges will do the trick - just unscrew the mouthpiece of the prefill and then use a syringe to extract the cannabis oil.

Five clicks puts the Aio into ready mode, five clicks turns it off. Two clicks puts the Aio into vape mode, or turns off the vape session. An Aio vape session lasts 20 seconds, during which the screen will show “pre-heat” and flash a red weed leaf. After the 20 seconds, the weed leaf changes to green and the Aio goes into standby. During the heat period, three clicks changes the temperature.

For those vaping Dabaratus and other strong oil concentrates, make sure to start at lower temperatures. Huge clouds are fun, but the Aio will blow you back if you’re not careful - by high-performance we’re talking high-delivery. For max cloud, give the Aio a triple click once your first session starts … it will remember the setting for future sessions.

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